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Our Refurbishment Process

and Why Recycle?

Our Refurbishment Process

We have 2 qualities of refurbished computers Grade ‘A’ Quality & Grade ‘B’ Quality both are refurbished to our Gold Standard. The difference between Grade ‘A’ & Grade ‘B’ is:  our Grade ‘A’ computers are exceptionally good cosmetically with the occasional minor scratch & our Grade ‘B’ machines will have a few more scratches and blemishes but will perform just a well as the Grade ‘A’ machines. You can decide which grade would be best for your circumstances. Both grades receive the same high standard TLC from our technicians and you can have a similar specification installed on most machines. The full parts & labour warranty is 6 months minimum (check the sales description for either a 12 or 6 month warranty) on both grades. And, if you choose a Grade ‘B’ you will save even more £££s on your budget.

Our Gold Standard Refurbishment

Refurbished Computers

The Refurbishment Process – Warranty backed

Every computer that we sell is Freshly Prepared – Stock does not sit on the shelves gathering dust waiting for a buyer!

As soon as you place your order we will start to prepare your system. Your parts are selected and then an engineer with industry level experience will begin to assemble your system. Our ethos is to provide quality above all else, this is why we only use new or 100% certified components in your build.

Your computer is where your digital life is stored, something that is unique and precious. For this reason we believe it is paramount for us to build reliable and robust systems; no corners cut and putting you first. Once assembled, software is installed and all updates are applied. Your system is then optimised to run at peak performance then finely tested for a period of 24 hours in order to ensure extreme stability and durability. This testing surpasses that of the original factory specification, therefore we are ensuring that you receive a system that is far more compliant than a typical new one. Furthermore, we sincerely care about your needs and strive to deliver the quality that you deserve. This is all backed up with a minimum *6 month warranty on your PC’s hardware.  As soon as you open the box and plug your computer in you are ready to go!  Not happy with your purchase (unlikely!) No problem, we offer a **14 Day Money Back or Replacement guarantee. See below for the guarantee.

*The Warranty
The refurbished PC equipment that we sell is covered by our 6 month minimum warranty (most computers carry our extended 12 month warranty). The warranty covers the hardware & labour costs of the computer unit and does not include software or consumables such as batteries.  The warranty does not cover any problems which arise through misuse, accidental damage, software downloads or additional upgrades/replacements to hardware made after the sale by the purchaser. The warranty is a Return To Base (RTB) warranty. The purchaser is responsible for returning the computer to Computer Fix 4u. Repairs will be made in accordance with the warranty conditions. The computer will be returned either repaired within the warranty conditions or returned with repairs made at cost to the purchaser (if the customer agrees to the repair) if the fault was outside the warranty conditions. 

**14 Day Money-back Guarantee
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase just contact us and tell us why. If you just don’t like it or you have an issue with the quality – tell us. We will either offer you a replacement or your money back. You will be issued with a “Returns Number” and the address to return the purchase to. After we have checked over the return, we will contact you to arrange the replacement or refund.

If you require more information, please Contact us 

Why Recycle?

Why recycling computers really does matter…

Recycle IT

Buying  professionally refurbished computers & monitors saves precious resources
The cost benefits are passed onto YOU our customers

Every time a refurbished computer/monitor is purchased from Computer Fix 4u rather than purchasing a newly manufactured system, valuable resources are saved and less harmful processes are used:

  •  Water1500 Litres of water saved
  • Electricity –  3000 KWh saved
  • Chemicals22 Kg less
  • CO2700 kg less  

And if that is not enough reason to buy recycled computer equipment, we can also help to stop the dumping of waste IT on the dumping grounds in 3rd world countries:

IT Dumping Grounds
A child at the Agbogbloshie electronic waste dump in Ghana.
Photograph: Andrew McConnell/Alamy

When you buy a quality refurbished computer
You are contributing to reducing your carbon footprint & hopefully together
we can make a difference…

You can be safe in the knowledge that the testing process surpasses that of the original factory specification, therefore we are ensuring that you receive a system that is far more compliant than a typical new one. And, we are confident in our quality products and back every computer that we sell with a minimum 6 Months Warranty & a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Recycle IT
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